Evolution S4

Evolution S4

No. AF01
Dimensions 902L x 740W x 1263H (mm)
Colour Yellow & Black
EDI Bar Code 5391509627825
Net Weight 132


The Evolution S4 Control Unit has a Dual Hopper (2 x 30kg capacity) and Dual Mixing Bowl allowing it to dispense 2 different types of Calf Feed thus offering more diverse nutritional settings. When used with 4 Feeder Stalls this system automatically feeds up to 140 calves. Each Feeder Stall can be located up to 7m away from the Control Unit. Complete with a 7-Inch Touch Screen the S4 Control Unit effectively monitors individual calf feeds and highlights feed performance via a simple traffic light display. Calves not consuming their allocated feed are quickly identified for closer inspection.

Key Features:

  • Feeds 4 calves simultaneously.
  • User and operator friendly.
  • Easy to calibrate.
  • Quick calf registration.
  • Fully automatic cleaning cycle.
  • Fly protection screen.
  • Dual Hoppers with anti-bridging system.
  • Graphic displays of calf performance.
  • Multiple feeding curves offer diverse nutritional programs.